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“This had me on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat.”

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When you love a toxic parent, can you ever break free and let go?

For once in Amalie’s life she’s done what she wants and applied for a scholarship to DAP; the best graphic design school in the world, in Portugal. She’s bursting with anticipation.
There’s only one problem. She’s never left anyone before, and although this is her dream, she’s always done what her family demands. She’s the girl who always says yes.
If she gets this scholarship, she can move away from her small Norwegian town and every rule her father’s set for her. She’s only worried that no distance in the world will give her mind freedom. It never really has, not the way she’s been brought up.
One thing’s for sure. Not to get in her own way, she’ll have to LET GO.
But, that’s easier said than done when not everyone she loves wishes her well.

Warning: contains sexual and violent scenes.


“Let Go was beautiful, heartbreaking, and absolutely fantastic! You need to read this book!!!” – Stacy

“Do family ties always mean unconditional love, respect and support?
A reader gets a truly emotional, heartwrenching and psychologically well-developed story.”  – Translatte reads

“Let Go is an excellent example of a unique, touching story by a new author. In addition to presenting compelling characters, Let Go contains some dramatic plot twists. I can’t wait for the author’s next book.” – Wesley


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