Five stars

Wesley Higaki

Let Go is the debut novel by Alexandra Winter about Amalie, a Norwegian teen and aspiring artist/designer. Amalie’s story is heart-wrenching. She endures so much turmoil in her young life you can’t help but feel for her plight. Her overbearing father doesn’t support her dream of becoming a designer. Instead, he pushes her to take over his auto sales business. That’s where her problems begin.
Amalie tries hard to make everyone around her happy: her father, her mother, and her handsome but self-centered boyfriend, while she struggles to find what she really wants out of life. The people in her life who should provide her with love and support fail, leaving her alone to fend for herself. Hardship and disappointment accost her at every turn. Does she continue to pursue her dream that seems to stay just beyond her reach or give up and do what others expect of her?
I prefer to read works by new writers because they offer fresh, non-formulaic stories. Let Go is an excellent example of a unique, touching story by a new author. In addition to presenting compelling characters, Let Go contains some dramatic plot twists. While Let Go is justifiably classified as a young adult novel, it contains elements of a thriller adding to its appeal. I give this book my highest rating because of the great story and excellent writing. I can’t wait for the author’s next book.

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