Book club questions – He’s got it coming

For book clubs, reading He’s got it coming. Here’s a selection of questions, but don’t read them before you’ve read the books. Spoiler alert.

  1. The book blurb says, “When Daniella can’t kill to avenge her husband’s death, love is the best revenge.” Why are love and hate often so closely connected? Is Daniella right to seek revenge for the love she lost?
  2. Did you feel sympathy for Daniella? At what points, and did your level of sympathy ever change?
  3. Did you feel sympathy for Henrik? At what points, and did your level of sympathy ever change?
  4. Do you believe that Henrik has sincerely changed? Can a man like this really change? 
  5. Did Henrik deserve what he got?
  6. Is Henrik more a product of nature or nurture? Did he have a choice in being the kind of man he was? Were you surprised by the number of women he slept with?
  7. What did you think of Cecilia’s support group and surveillance techniques? Can she ethically defend her methods? 
  8. Do you think that Daniella’s technology skills outweigh her ability to accurately judge people?
  9. Daniella struggles to keep control in her relationship with Henrik. Who really had the power, though — her or Henrik? 
  10. Is Daniella worth all the chaos and unpredictability that Henrik has to put up with from her?
  11. Was it right for Daniella to keep the truth about Henrik’s mother from him? What did you think of Henrik’s reaction when he finally found out?
  12. What did you think of Daniella’s decision to die by suicide? 
  13. Was the risk Daniella took to jeopardize her career worth it?
  14. What did the Nerlis and Melvin add to the story?
  15. What did you think of Katelyn’s reaction when she discovered that Henrik was cheating on her?
  16. Why do smart women fall for manipulative men?
  17. Were you surprised that Daniella enjoyed the sex as much as she did with Henrik?
  18. Daniella believes that vulnerability is key to a close relationship. Do you agree?
  19. Daniella hops on a plane and meets Henrik in Bergen for a booty call. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done in a relationship?
  20. Henrik breathes in synchronicity with Daniella the first time they have sex in order to trick her into feeling more relaxed around him. Have you ever tricked or manipulated a partner or date?

If you have other questions you feel should be added to this list, comment below.