When Daniella can’t kill to avenge her husband’s death, love is the best revenge.

Police told Daniella Drange that her husband’s car crash two years ago was straight forward; an accident with no witnesses.

They were wrong.

A man named Henrik Larsen saw the crash, but instead of calling an ambulance, left him to die.

Using her hacking skills, Daniella plots her revenge. She gains insight into Henrik’s entire personal life, so killing him will be easy. But when that plan falls apart, she’s ready to sacrifice her body and sanity to make the man she hates fall in love with her. She’ll give him exactly what he gave her; an unhealable broken heart.

But everything is not as it seems, and what Daniella learns changes her life.

“He’s got it coming is a marvelous novel by Alexandra Winter.”

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“This story is well-written and well-edited. I thought the pacing was excellent following Daniella as she executed her scheme. The plot twists were entertaining. I highly recommend this book to readers that like stories that get into the head of the troubled main character.”

Wesley H. Higaki



If Amalie stays out of her own way, she might live to follow her dream.

Growing up with an abusive father, his disapproving words buzz in nineteen-year-old Amalie’s head, controlling her thoughts and actions. Amalie’s resisted his rules before and bears the scars of it today. But for once in her life, she’s followed her dream and applied for a scholarship to Design Art Portugal. It’s the best graphic design school in the world and an escape from her small town in Norway. 

Can Amalie break free and start over?

*Winner of the Hide and Seek Award, Wattpad

“This had me on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat.”

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“Let Go was beautiful, heartbreaking, and absolutely fantastic! You need to read this book!!!”


“Do family ties always mean unconditional love, respect and support?
A reader gets a truly emotional, heartwrenching and psychologically well-developed story.”

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